Beginning :-)

This is the post excerpt.

Advertisements’s my first blog !

Well I’m excited about it.. trying out something new is really interesting right ! We should keep on learning new things and implementing the same. Do it everyday, every second. We have a pool of thoughts running in our brain, attacking each other. No, I was wrong, it is not a pool but there’s an ocean.

So, why not put up the ocean on a piece of paper, a diary or a blog. Let’s keep a log – a log of experience? The answer is yes.

So let’s write something. We just get bored sitting at home and in search of something which is fascinating, we end up doing nothing ! The same happened with me today. Don’t worry readers I’ll not recite the entire story. Just wanted to say why the decision was to write and create a blog.

Instead of wasting time one can write, read, sketch, sing, dance and do whatever one wants but just one thing that it should be new every time and not a waste.

Mind it.. Thoughts are similar to the waves flowing in ocean.

         Keep writing !

Author: dharajeshsampat9798

Well, I always consider myself as a learner.

2 thoughts on “Beginning :-)”

  1. Good job on the first post. I see you’ve kept on from there. Congratulations. I like that you remind us not to waste time. “Mind it.. Thoughts are similar to the waves flowing in ocean.” Nicely said.

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