Happiness has a different meaning for every person. Everyone has their own world of happiness! It may be a chocolate for a kid, a doll for your sister, a good score in the exams, working on a project for the youth, having a company of your child in your good old days or it may be someone’s love.

You don’t have to go and search out things which make you happy.. All those things are near you in your surroundings in the form of your parents, child, brother, sister, friends and the memories you cherish. All such small and precious things can make a person feel better and happy..but its only when one has a value for the same.

If you don’t value things around you, you just can’t be as happy as a person who values it, even if you are a billoner !

There are no such rules to be happy or to find the same, it depends on the attitude of yours ! Though there are no rules but I would like to make a primary statement which can be even taken as a rule, which is-


This statement itself says that stop comparing your life with others. Comparing will eventually ruin your happy mood when you think others are having more or you are having less than them. Everyone gains at the right time and with right efforts made by them.

Be positive always, I know it is said easier than done, but if we actually implement this in our life it will definitely show us a better way than the existing one which we practice i.e. cursing or talking negative for the prevailing circumstances in our life. When we give a positive aspect to the occurrence of ill events then, it will not solve that ill event instead it will calm your mind and then it can be ensured that one can find a better solution to such an event instead of being in an unhappy mood.

Simle, yes just smile. Your smile helps you out to tackle all your problems. Being tensed is not the way. Keep your mind fresh with a smile on your beautiful face.

Yeah.. ! this is one of my favourite thing which I always try to implement. I would say it as a work in progress for me. Reading  books helps one out to be afresh and happy.

So these were the things and a small set of rules which I have made and have always tried to implement this  to be happy and have succeded almost every time.


So stay happy and stay blessed !


Author: dharajeshsampat9798

Well, I always consider myself as a learner.

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