Imaginary things are really beautiful. I mean how good it would be if we can make our imaginary world real. Imagining  our social existence in the society makes us  feel better but then feeling better, just imagining and living in an artificial world does not make any sense.

A feel of joy through an imaginary world is temporary. It does not let us feel a sense of permanence. The satisfaction we gain and the sense of achievement we feel through the hardships in our real life just can’t be compared with the imaginary comfort.

I agree that if things work out as we have imagined one would feel that the imaginary world will be the proper place to live in and the people there to live with.

But the reality can never be imagined. It is real and cannot be predicted.

When a person strongly desires to live in imaginary society, it can be said that he has no power to face the challenges offered by the social elements.

I’m not considering imaginary or imagination superior to any other term. But the fact is that one who can balance between imagination and reality can always be two steps ahead.

Yes, imaginary things are creative. Imagine ! But remember the reality has its own face. 

Imaginary is an attractive term, but reality is the base.


Author: dharajeshsampat9798

Well, I always consider myself as a learner.

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