Quiet is Ok !

Yes..the title itself tells what is the post about, it’s about quiet characters on the earth, it’s about being an INTROVERT.

So what she is an introvert, don’t suppose her to be out of the planet. It’s just one of her characteristic !

I wouldn’t compare intros with extros. It is just beacuse there is no comparison, both are unique.

But it is quite true that no one is completely introvert. They don’t like to be alone all time. Being social is preferable by them, but too much social exposure is never welcomed.Reading a book, spending time with the loved ones or just enjoying their own company would be adorned by them rather hanging out or partying.We introverts are just in love with introspection (self examination). We are the best analysts you know. The situations are not just the situations for us, examining them and proper understanding of such gives us a sense of direction and a determined way to solve those.

It is not that introverts have a fear of communicating in groups, but it is just that they are good listeners than talkers. Having a focused communicating style and a slow move are the best qualities of them.

There are misconceptions about our behavior. Some find us selfish or rude (because we are not so talkative), some take it positively as a logical person and some being judgemental assume that we wear a layer of attitude. But the true we can always be found when we are comfortable with ourselves and with our group of people….yes i mean friends !

We believe in quality over quantity. It is possible that we have limited friends, not everyone is close to us, but the friends we have are the best ones. Many find it difficult to cope with the introverts because of their non talking nature and a frequent question to them is ‘Why are you so quiet?’ Which is often hated by them. But when one understands the introvert, the person would find a friend for life with genuine friendship.

It is not necessary that introverts have the aforesaid qualities only. As it was mentioned before itself that no one is a complete introvert. They are positioned at various degrees of introverted behaviour.

Would like to say at the end.. People understand Introverts and welcome them !

Author: dharajeshsampat9798

Well, I always consider myself as a learner.

19 thoughts on “Quiet is Ok !”

  1. I relate to what you’re saying, being an ambivert I get those days where I close off completely. Sometimes I even feel distant from my own self, if that even makes sense.

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  2. Yes !!! Quiet is okay !! I am a both mixture of intrvo and extros and I get really frustrated when people come and be like why are you so quiet no am not quiet I just love to have my own space sometimes

    I would love if you check my blog and tell me what you think

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