Overcome your FEARS

You all must have read about goal setting.. And beside that we all have also implemented it. We’ve set our goals and have taken out our ways to achieve them with the help of the strengths and weaknesses we posses.GOAL SETTING becomes more familiar. The question here arises is… What is fear setting then? Is it just the same thing as goal setting or similar to it?
Well the answer is yes.. It is not exactly the same but it is similar. One needs to carve out the same way. But, Fear setting is more vital than goal setting, it is because we can’t achieve or can’t even think about our life goals when we have any kind of fear related to our goals.

Fear setting has 3 basic steps

  1. Define
  2. Prevent
  3. Repair

Start identifying your fears which act as a hurdle to your way, define them, scribble all such fears on a piece of paper so that you become more determined and commited towards yourself.

Once you have found out all your fears start your thinking process and find out such ways which you think would be the best to prevent the occurance of such fear. Don’t prevent fearful situations, in any way they will cross your way, learn to prevent the fear of your mind.

So, this prevention was for the damages from one’s fear which are yet to arise. But, what about the damage which is already caused? Caused by our previous fearing actions ! So to cure such a damage we need to repair the damage already done.

Try this, it is really helpful !

The beautiful thing about fear is, when you run to it, it runs away.


    Author: dharajeshsampat9798

    Well, I always consider myself as a learner.

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