Beginning :-)

This is the post excerpt.

So..here’s my first blog !

Well I’m excited about it.. trying out something new is really interesting right ! We should keep on learning new things and implementing the same. Do it everyday, every second. We have a pool of thoughts running in our brain, attacking each other. No, I was wrong, it is not a pool but there’s an ocean.

So, why not put up the ocean on a piece of paper, a diary or a blog. Let’s keep a log – a log of experience? The answer is yes.

So let’s write something. We just get bored sitting at home and in search of something which is fascinating, we end up doing nothing ! The same happened with me today. Don’t worry readers I’ll not recite the entire story. Just wanted to say why the decision was to write and create a blog.

Instead of wasting time one can write, read, sketch, sing, dance and do whatever one wants but just one thing that it should be new every time and not a waste.

Mind it.. Thoughts are similar to the waves flowing in ocean.

         Keep writing !

Overcome your FEARS

You all must have read about goal setting.. And beside that we all have also implemented it. We’ve set our goals and have taken out our ways to achieve them with the help of the strengths and weaknesses we posses.GOAL SETTING becomes more familiar. The question here arises is… What is fear setting then? Is it just the same thing as goal setting or similar to it?
Well the answer is yes.. It is not exactly the same but it is similar. One needs to carve out the same way. But, Fear setting is more vital than goal setting, it is because we can’t achieve or can’t even think about our life goals when we have any kind of fear related to our goals.

Fear setting has 3 basic steps

  1. Define
  2. Prevent
  3. Repair

Start identifying your fears which act as a hurdle to your way, define them, scribble all such fears on a piece of paper so that you become more determined and commited towards yourself.

Once you have found out all your fears start your thinking process and find out such ways which you think would be the best to prevent the occurance of such fear. Don’t prevent fearful situations, in any way they will cross your way, learn to prevent the fear of your mind.

So, this prevention was for the damages from one’s fear which are yet to arise. But, what about the damage which is already caused? Caused by our previous fearing actions ! So to cure such a damage we need to repair the damage already done.

Try this, it is really helpful !

The beautiful thing about fear is, when you run to it, it runs away.

    Quiet is Ok !

    Yes..the title itself tells what is the post about, it’s about quiet characters on the earth, it’s about being an INTROVERT.

    So what she is an introvert, don’t suppose her to be out of the planet. It’s just one of her characteristic !

    I wouldn’t compare intros with extros. It is just beacuse there is no comparison, both are unique.

    But it is quite true that no one is completely introvert. They don’t like to be alone all time. Being social is preferable by them, but too much social exposure is never welcomed.Reading a book, spending time with the loved ones or just enjoying their own company would be adorned by them rather hanging out or partying.We introverts are just in love with introspection (self examination). We are the best analysts you know. The situations are not just the situations for us, examining them and proper understanding of such gives us a sense of direction and a determined way to solve those.

    It is not that introverts have a fear of communicating in groups, but it is just that they are good listeners than talkers. Having a focused communicating style and a slow move are the best qualities of them.

    There are misconceptions about our behavior. Some find us selfish or rude (because we are not so talkative), some take it positively as a logical person and some being judgemental assume that we wear a layer of attitude. But the true we can always be found when we are comfortable with ourselves and with our group of people….yes i mean friends !

    We believe in quality over quantity. It is possible that we have limited friends, not everyone is close to us, but the friends we have are the best ones. Many find it difficult to cope with the introverts because of their non talking nature and a frequent question to them is ‘Why are you so quiet?’ Which is often hated by them. But when one understands the introvert, the person would find a friend for life with genuine friendship.

    It is not necessary that introverts have the aforesaid qualities only. As it was mentioned before itself that no one is a complete introvert. They are positioned at various degrees of introverted behaviour.

    Would like to say at the end.. People understand Introverts and welcome them !

    Transition and passage of time

    (Photograph captured on 27/06/17 )

    One of the elegant places in India is the Bandra fort located in Mumbai. There’s a scenic beauty. The bandra coast has experienced a drastic transition since years.

    Mumbai rains makes the place more delighted with a view of the bandra worli sea link- India’s first eight way free lane over the open sea. College kids enjoy the most. It is a marvel.

    Sea link which was open to public in 2009 has changed the coastal view of bandra with a passage of time.

    Wheel – My Pride

    Our Indian National Flag also known as the TRICOLOUR OF INDIA has an added colour which enhances its beauty. The navy blue coloured ashoka chakra in the centre of flag – the wheel which is the pride of every Indian.

     The Ashoka Chakra is a depiction of the dharmachakra represented with 24 spokes. It is so called because it appears on a number of edicts of Ashoka, one of which is the Lion Capital of Ashoka. Ashoka Chakra today is at the centre of the Flag of India (adopted on 22 July 1947), in a navy blue colour on a white background, replacing the symbol of charkha (spinning wheel ) of the pre-independence versions of the flag.

    It is a 24 spoke wheel, in my childhood my parents would explain me, which is true to some extent, that it is to symbolize that we Indians work tirelessly for 24 hours.

    In the puranas it is said that 24 spokes, that is 12 lines in reverse, represents the LIFE. The 24 spokes according to Hindu religion means:


    2. Courage

    3. Patience

    4. Peacefulness

    5. Magnanimity (the virtue of being great of mind and of heart)

    6. Goodness

    7. Faithfulness

    8. Gentleness

    9. Selflessness

    10. Self-Control

    11. Self Sacrifice

    12. Truthfulness

    13. Righteousness

    14. Justice

    15. Mercy

    16. Gracefulness

    17. Humility

    18. Empathy

    19. Sympathy

    20.Spiritual Knowledge

    21. Moral Values

    22. Spiritual Wisdom

    23. The Fear of God

    24. Faith or Belief or Hope

    The Ashoka Chakra signifies the law of dharma. Truth or satya and dharma or virtue are the principle for those who work under this flag. The Wheel represents motion. It is the continuity.

    The Wheel is the matter of pride for the people who abide by the values and principles represented by it.


    Imaginary things are really beautiful. I mean how good it would be if we can make our imaginary world real. Imagining  our social existence in the society makes us  feel better but then feeling better, just imagining and living in an artificial world does not make any sense.

    A feel of joy through an imaginary world is temporary. It does not let us feel a sense of permanence. The satisfaction we gain and the sense of achievement we feel through the hardships in our real life just can’t be compared with the imaginary comfort.

    I agree that if things work out as we have imagined one would feel that the imaginary world will be the proper place to live in and the people there to live with.

    But the reality can never be imagined. It is real and cannot be predicted.

    When a person strongly desires to live in imaginary society, it can be said that he has no power to face the challenges offered by the social elements.

    I’m not considering imaginary or imagination superior to any other term. But the fact is that one who can balance between imagination and reality can always be two steps ahead.

    Yes, imaginary things are creative. Imagine ! But remember the reality has its own face. 

    Imaginary is an attractive term, but reality is the base.


     Happiness has a different meaning for every person. Everyone has their own world of happiness! It may be a chocolate for a kid, a doll for your sister, a good score in the exams, working on a project for the youth, having a company of your child in your good old days or it may be someone’s love.

    You don’t have to go and search out things which make you happy.. All those things are near you in your surroundings in the form of your parents, child, brother, sister, friends and the memories you cherish. All such small and precious things can make a person feel better and happy..but its only when one has a value for the same.

    If you don’t value things around you, you just can’t be as happy as a person who values it, even if you are a billoner !

    There are no such rules to be happy or to find the same, it depends on the attitude of yours ! Though there are no rules but I would like to make a primary statement which can be even taken as a rule, which is-


    This statement itself says that stop comparing your life with others. Comparing will eventually ruin your happy mood when you think others are having more or you are having less than them. Everyone gains at the right time and with right efforts made by them.

    Be positive always, I know it is said easier than done, but if we actually implement this in our life it will definitely show us a better way than the existing one which we practice i.e. cursing or talking negative for the prevailing circumstances in our life. When we give a positive aspect to the occurrence of ill events then, it will not solve that ill event instead it will calm your mind and then it can be ensured that one can find a better solution to such an event instead of being in an unhappy mood.

    Simle, yes just smile. Your smile helps you out to tackle all your problems. Being tensed is not the way. Keep your mind fresh with a smile on your beautiful face.

    Yeah.. ! this is one of my favourite thing which I always try to implement. I would say it as a work in progress for me. Reading  books helps one out to be afresh and happy.

    So these were the things and a small set of rules which I have made and have always tried to implement this  to be happy and have succeded almost every time.


    So stay happy and stay blessed !